Cleaning robot

SLM focuses on compact and practical use

SLM underwater cleaning robot is now available

  • Anytime, anywhere cleaning
  • Hull cleaning saves fuel costs and marne lives
  • Perfect tool for staying clean

Fast and reliable

  • 0~0.5m/sec & 0.8m cleaning width
  • Able to clean 3D curved surfaces

Easy and safe

  • Able to pass through strong tides/currents
  • Enhanced safety using remote working

Simply portable

  • Easy portability in a truck
  • One stop service solution

Saving human powers

  • Operable with 2~3 persons
  • Lots of automatic fuctions

Satisfying durability and maintainability

  • Engineered and manufactured by Korean technology.
  • Absolutely robust with user friendly modular design

Clean the fouling

Your hull is subject to ever growing biofoulings which must be systematically cleaned for many reasons

  • More fuel is consumed due to fouling drag.
  • Some foulings may endanger the indigenous aqua lives when transported to another waters
  • Hull paint and then structure are possibly damaged by foulings or by the effort of eliminating them.
  • Growing number of regulations are introduced, where cleaning may play important roles.

Paradigm change : From Cleaning reactively to Care proactively

  • “A stitch in time saves nine.” wise people say.
  • It’s best to wipe off microfouling or slime with soft touch. In this stage debris are no danger to surrounding marine system, job is easily done with generating as little paint flake as possible.
  • If cleaned in macro stage, a larger suction and filter may be needed. More scratch during the stiffer cleaning. This is exactly what has happened until now due to the lack of technical solution.