SLM is a technology start up in Robotics, founded in 2018 in Daejeon Korea.

We started with the Underwater hull cleaning robot system by putting knowledges and experiences of key founding members.

This technology is rare in the sense that it achieves green and profitable business at the same time. Such a nice combination is not easy nor cheap.

Yet we are proud to be the frontier and glad to invite as many of you as possible in the pleasant adventure, as partners, clients and customers.

We are committed to introduce human-robot collaboration technology, under or above water.
Best wishes from Korea
SLM Global

Facts and History

  • 06 Participate in International Maritime Defense Industry Exhibition at Busan
  • 05 Supplied 5 cleaning robot systems to the Korean Navy
  • 03 Supplied 1 cleaning robot system to Pacific Ocean Bldg
  • 01 KC certified
  • 12 CE certicified
  • 11 Participate in Korea Ocean Expo at Incheon
  • 10 Signed a robot sales contract with a civilian diving firm
  • 07 Contract signed with Korean navy to supply 5 robot systems
  • 04 Started commercial UW cleaning services at Korea ports
  • 03 Successful cleaning trials in front of Korean navy
  • 12 Opened the second factory near Busan New Port
  • 10 A major investment from Innopolis partners
  • 08 NET(New Excellent Technology) certified by Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries
  • 07 Began sea trials in Busan
  • 03 ISO9001 certified
  • 05 Approved and sponsored as a tech venture startup by KIBO
  • 04 Samsung Heavy Ind. granted SLM to use of technical IP's for UW Robot
  • 02 Founded as trade name of 'SLM Global Co., Ltd.' at Daejeon, Korea