How it works ?
With electrically driven magnetic wheels, the Robot attaches and crawls on hull surface while brushing off foulings. It is remotely powered, monitored and controlled via a tether cable by one operator. Assistant systems ensure its easy launch and retrieval in most conditions. Comprehensive reports are generated with the entire position-tagged vivid video records, in a short time later after each cleaning task.
Who needs it where ?
When worked with divers beside berths or in anchorage, it covers large flat and curved surfaces in quick, less expensive and safe manners. Possibly a vessel can carry the robot and clean herself anytime. Due to CHIRO’s design for compact mobilization and easy operation, it gives the best efficiency in proactive hull care while fouling is still micro or slime. Should fouling grow harder, stronger brushes and larger filtration system might be deployed, which causes the job more difficult, costly and time consuming.
Be our partner
We welcome local cleaning service providers and sales agents, globally. We provide you with robot systems and trainings. When coworking with CHIRO, your valuable diver team can focus on what human touch is needed, in safer conditions.
Why customers likes it ?
Result of Robot cleaning is quite consistent with transparent reports, which becomes essential in order to comply regulations from authorities and environmental vows. Besides, it saves fuels as well as potential accidents.


UW Robot Specification
Dimension (m) 1.5 x 1.0 x 0.6
Weight 270 kg
Power consumption Less than 15kW, 3x220VAC
Fully Electric, No hydraulic
Debris capture Suction by electric pump Local and remote filter storage
Filtration 80㎛ and above for internal filter cartridge
Crawling speed Continuously controllable, 0~60 cm/sec
Cleaning area capability 1,440 ㎡ max
Item Specification
Round surface capability
  • Tested and certified upto 2m radius 3D curvature
  • Able to run on sharper curve depending on conditions

All in a truck system - Best for berth operation