System & Mode


Underwater Robot

Instinctive operation like driving a car
The core of SLM technology. With high power motors and delicate electronics inside of such compact design, the robot has strong magnetic grabs onto hull and removes fouling out of underwater suffice. Thanks to hydrodynamic beetle type cover, it withstands tough under water flow and well protected. For resting, maintaining and transportation, a robot must have a cradle, both of which require cleansed with clean water after each underwater task, not to catch a rust.

Winch and support system

Tension and feed of tether cable
Tether cable must follow the robot and avoid tangling With options of automated functions, the winch winds or unwinds to keep proper length of the cable according to robot’s movement There are options for automatic tensioning and lateral traversing as well. When an automatic winch is opted, Electric power panel is incorporated to winch control enclosure. Of course, all electric and electronics are all watertight. Depending on the length of cable and range of functions, the weight and size of winch varies from 700kg to 2500kg.

Control console

Fully electric powered
Apparently the console consists of computer, displays, network, data storage and a wheel and pedals. SLM provides an instinctive way of driving robot. It’s running on hull surface and operator can take its driving as same as driving a car. System displays necessary navigational information for the vertical or reversed surface. Control console may be as small as a handy suitcase for an easy portability or installed in a container room or made for customization, whatever suitable.

Control & Reporting

  • Control is similar to car driving, not difficult like swimming drone.
  • Robot is invisible but its location is tracked and visualized in the map.
  • Realtime operational data is summerized in a screen.
  • Brushing force control is at your will. Soft or hard. So is driving.
Main Control Screen : Front & Rear view, Control values and robot tracking on ship’s surface
Robot generates highly rich information about hull condition. SLM contains such values in the cleaning reports for your clients. In addition to the industry standard in reports, we have features such as;
  1. Mutual connection between location and video record
  2. Digitally authentification
  3. Full length of video, if requested.
A page from actual reports for clients : Visualizing cleaned area, Remarkable snapshots with exact coordinates.

Berth Operation Mode

Robot clings to the wall

Use an usual crane or compact launcher or diver’s hand inwater.

When half immerged, hoist wire is detached from robot. Then Robot is free to crawl underwater hull surface.

  1. Able to move to bottom and the other side because
  2. It runs and cleans round surfaces upto 2m radius and
  3. It can turn 360° at a point
  4. Cable can be upto 300m long

Boat Operation Mode

  1. The system can be employeed on a workboat for the cleaning task at an anchorage.
  2. Process is same to berth operation
  3. The boat operation only system can be optimized. We are open for customizing